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Thursday, 1 August 2013

How to create back link with Pinterest?

Pinterest is a growing social sharing site around the world. This site based on USA but recently it has spared worldwide.

As you know social site sharing is very important for SEO. Within 2015 SEO will be very hard for you if you don’t know the proper use of Social Sites as there are million of website / blog site around the world and they are doing SEO properly. You may hear the name of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, Myspace etc. all of these are social sites.

If you can use all these social sites properly, you will get thousands of visitors and backlink for your website / blog site every single day. You may think how is it possible? Yes it is possible 100% but you have to follow some tricks. Here we are going to discuss about it.

As there are many social sites so, it is not possible to post all together here. However, today we only see the proper use of Pinterest. This is a big social site. If you know a little about Alexa traffic rank you can understand to see the rank of Pinterest. Pinterest World Ranks: 35 and USA Rank: 16. Let’s come to the point.

At first visit Pinterest.

Click on Join Pinterest (red button). See bellow image for your easy understanding.


After clicking Join Pinterest you can se a new page as like bellow image. Here has three ways to join Pinterest.

Sign Up With Facebook

If you want to sign up pinterest with your facebook account then click this button.

Sign Up With Twitter: 

 If you want to sign up with your twitter account then click this button.

Sign Up With Your Email Account

If you want to sign up with your email then click this button. We recommended you to sign up with this option. However, you can use above two option also.

When you sign in on Pinterest it will show a message you to choose there new look. Just click on Get it Now (Red color)
Hope now you have successfully log in Pinterest. Now let us see some important thing inside Pinterest.


Here every post of you known as pin. Every pin has a category. There have many categories. Just look at your Pinterest homepage. Then see at the left above corner. There has a red Button. Just keep the cursor on it immediately you can see the pin categories. See bellow image for your easy understanding.


We have to make a pin on Pinterest otherwise we can’t make backlink. Go to your Pinterest home page and find for red+ button at the top right bar. See bellow image for your easy understanding. Just keep hold the cursor on this button. Immediately a dropdown box will come with three options.

Upload a Pin:

This is the main button. From here you can upload any pin and can make backlink. Just click on Upload a pin. Immediate a small popup box will open. See bellow image for your easy understanding.

Click on choose file and select the picture from your computer which you would like to Pin. (You may know you must need a picture to make a pin.)

Here have two important options to make a pin valuable. See bellow image you can see Board and  


Board: Board means category. Here you have to choose a perfect name for the board. Say, SEO here you should upload pin only SEO related anyway; you can upload any kind of pin if you wish. So, make some board as your post category.

Description: Here write a short description about your post. And put the post link at the end of the post, Click choose file and choose an image then click Pin It.

Your task has done successfully.


From here you can maintain your account

Click on your Pinterest user name. See at the right top of your Pinterest page.
Here have many options. From here you can edit your Profile, Board, Follower, Following.


To edit your account you have click on the logo looks like a Pen. See bellow image for your easy understanding. Here you can upload your picture or your site logo.
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